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About iTK.com.ng

Hello, and welcome to ITK.COM.NG, we let you know almost everything. ITK is acronym for “I TOO KNOW”

At ITK, our main goal is to provide cutting-edge tutorials and Tips on Web designing and Blogging. Helping upcoming and already established bloggers with tips and useful tutorials on How Tos, Social Sharing, Traffic generation and Monetization of their Blogs.

f you’ve ever asked yourself:

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  • “How can I build a WordPress site?”
  • “How can I do ______ in WordPress?”
  • “Which WordPress plugin should I pick for doing _______?”
  • “How do I fix ______ WordPress error?”
  • “What are the best practices to follow in WordPress?”
  • “How can I use Blogger?”
  • “How can Get Adsense Approval?”
  • “How can I Monetize my Blog?”
  • “How can I bring Traffic to my Blo?”
  • How can I do________?

Or any related questions on How tos, we answer such questions here.

Why Itk (Our Story)

Favour Asata, Founder of ITK


My name is Favour Asata, and I’m the founder of ITK.

I’m currently a student of Federal University of Technology Owerri, where I’m Studying Crop Science and Technology.

The ITK story started in 2016 when I first discovered WordPress while searching for a web development platform.

In a little while, I fell in love with the platform and created my first website Futobuy.com a classified advert listing website which I created for student to buy, sell and place adverts for free on and behond my University campus, Federal University Of Technology Owerri Campus.

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I added a blog page at Futobuy.com when I saw the need to inform and share trending news and happenings to students on campus. And since then, I fell in love with Blogging, largely directing my post to what adds value to my readers.

I launched a music blog icherismusic.com which was intended to discuss the love for music, but after studying and making more research, I decided to change it to ITK where I would discuss web and blogging Tutorial, How Tos, Entertainment, Tech news and much more

Although, this came with a set of challenges: PDF guides and 1-on-1 walk-throughs and they were incredibly time consuming, stressful and looked inefficient.

I scoured the web to find resources that would benefit my readers and contribute to their development progress.

At this time, most WordPress and Blogging tutorials were not easy to found around the web except for thorough search and research.

That’s why I launched ITK on June 28th, 2017 as an Online Hotspots where readers can get blogging and web development tutorials and tips, with Entertainment, News and much more a bonus to their reading list.

Within the first week, I launched ITK, I received more than a thousand Unique visitors.

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